Black Bridge Brewery

About Us and Our Saskatchewan Made Beer

Our philosophies are simple; complete disclosure and honesty in business, how we make our beer and where our ingredients come from.

We believe strongly in not compromising our beer for profit, ever- and will strive to foster a culture of appreciation for finely crafted beer.

BLACK BRIDGE BREWERY welcomes you to stop by and sample our beer. Our three flagship beers are now available plus seasonal beers throughout the year.

Breweries in Saskatchewan
Breweries in Saskatchewan

Breweries in Saskatchewan

AT BLACK BRIDGE BREWERY, our emphasis is on crafting quality beer made from quality ingredients. Our goal is to create a better beer, through focus on low volume, high variety, and artful attention to detail.
AS CRAFTSMEN, passionate about what we do, we aim for an exceptional beer experience- all along the way, from buying ingredients, to brewing, to canning and to sharing the final product.
WE PRIDE OURSELVES on being down-to-earth, local, and healthy and strive to maintain that same integrity in our beer.