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Event Sponsorship & Donations

Thank you for thinking of Black Bridge Brewery

Giving back is a big part of our business philosophy

At Black Bridge Brewery, we look to support charities, sustainability and community development projects.

While we would like to align with all that is good and worthy, we sometimes have to gratefully decline. Events which are less than one month out will be declined automatically. Please do not fill out the form if your event is within the next month.

Please read these guidelines before submitting your sponsorship request.

We are unable to donate to the following:

  • Motorsports groups: Beer and driving are never meant to go hand in hand.
  • Children’s Groups: Kids need to be kids, and that means no beer.
  • Teams or Individual Athletes: There are too many to say yes to all, and too hard to choose only a few.

A few additional things we look for when selecting events and sponsorship opportunities:

  • Timing. It takes time to coordinate and to ship product. Please allow for a minimum of 60 days prior to your event and possibly more time for large events.
  • Branding. Yes, your event might be for charity and we believe in giving back, but it also has to be the right event for us, to allow us to showcase our product and what Black Bridge Brewery is about.
  • Participation. When possible we prefer to be hands-on and on-premise with events, serving our beer.
  • Location. We can only consider events located in Saskatchewan at this time.

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